Monday, December 31, 2007

scratch, scratch

“stopping to think about the millimetre, the illi in particular, as a way to take my mind off the itch, the bird’s-eye-view itch, that dots no “i”s especially in partIcular, this is mere sidetrack to an unapproachable commentary”

“and what of the scene?”

“the scene is where we fool ourselves taming clouds, running the gauntlet of iridescence”

“docility, a hard act to follow, endorsing the shown method: press play to display"

“still your commentary handled a performance of doubtful antics like a blend of strange and fantastic manners, which in the explaining, lost all sense of impersonation and, as if on a tour of duty, you recruited my side of the story”

“come closer”

“tell it we
we then
we shall, in a one-off tirade incurable in co-operation

- purging consequence of all penalty
- doubling-up the inmates

severing suggestion at idea, at ideal in-deed”

“still your handling of a performance explained side’s side of the story”

“come scratcher”

Saturday, December 29, 2007

am azed

“getting straight back to splitting the attempt, you do not stand complete, but elucidate distance from really not so far away -
– if I can describe you to you, it is only in this way, word for word”

“there is no escape from thirst or suspicion of thirst”

“intertwining the inside-out of a writing life, leaving the street unexplored and the one time sacrifice, exceptional through it may have been…”

“returning to water - pages, as long as concerns,

give ceremony new meaning

of course, otherness only lasts until why

having to go, involves a true cross over, outstretched though communication is, there is no scene of accident”

“… amazed, or is a maze (a wall-follower) from all sides, kicking the landing, raging at ceiling, no great revelation could go this swimmingly without a

“scratch of the head”

with a start to all starts
with an out of reach commentary”

Friday, December 28, 2007


“Moving around between confession and humour, suggestion and reconstruction, tame and wild”

“you once said “inscription masks the face that should be ours” – were these the patterns you had spoken of? integrated with made-up intent

there are parallel senses that at different times may coincide

and those times, inhabited by surrounds seeking perception, understand simple choices”

“suggestive confessions”“insects, an open window, onion-skin”

“a writing upon; between us we expanded the ransacked foundations of recall, to achieve contemplation perhaps simply by asking or learning to direct answers away from questions”

“coming clean: returning to water, a little less imaginarily incurable, a little less piecemeal, through your continuous terrain stride minutes chewed by compromise, introducing new dare into the language of cooperation

harsh in echo,
fascinating on paper,
crude in predicament

ah that quandary, always that stickiness

attempting through lack of ability to rough-cast closeness

(you do not think in capital letters)”

“I had read every word twice, underlining the evidence of possibility (straightforward, strai…”

Thursday, December 27, 2007


“right now, looking at the ground, distance was the first thing to go, rolling”

“snatch, snatch,
a heightened handshake”

“rolling so far, yet a great intimacy told, hinges on barter”

“disorder gradually stores unanswered necessities – under an unmade bed was a painting of an unmade bed”

“smile, name, ask,”

“hinges resist with such virtuosity the painful patterns – you sketched on a scrap of paper some natural condition, it looked like we could invent initiative or at least a mock-up, practically all the rest of the world was based on mirrors, that is what you said, there was a faddishness to the way you faced first things, almost as if the word first was itself pure whimsy”

“from the sure side of disorder, based solely on a painting that is, it had never actually been witnessed, the sure side gradually laid claim to untaming”

“point of calling, water of time, crawl out from”

“snatch, snatch, grab”

“the ground from a distance, was that something we could be sure of? the slightest whiff of a guarantee convinced even the greats, I had heard you describe slips in right now, they sounded like epigraphs”

“such moments do not take practice”

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


“then you noticed a bringing back, consistent with the postponement of finally – double-decker opponents blew bubbles at each other’s smokescreens”

“a pair of boots, a spoon, some hot water, a drawing pin: ah some inventions still allude us”

“attacked by a suggestion of everything, cool reconstruction of the impossible, a mixup that broke down your persistence – is that why you often did not laugh at the comedy of it all? but opened a compartment, blew smoke into it and called it a lung”

“you said exceptional things can happen, and that whatever fell was on the whole more chaotic than those handmade sincerities… little by li”

“twenty-four hours, a red rag”

“chosen in sleep to feel the palm of replica or is that another story carefully embalmed,

can quiver ever be?"

“arch of one way
cackling truth told
mood making two”

“you said exceptional things… when I go into a dark room there is a man lecturing incredible colours on priorities

such times did sink the long night
it’s not easy to talk about”

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

this mosaic

“maybe you remember the sacrifice one-sunset threw
like the last party, half-broken from lack of use, lethargically sealing daybreak into afternoon, and do you remember how you tried to be proud

it was the way your hand wrapped around anything left falling which I vaguely recognised

sinking, you would read books overflowing with questions and play content

in a roundabout way sense made since reach within

passing underneath all thinking

coming to, while the others went on; everything had been clothed in trivia, whole chunks of phenomena were brought to bear

and little by little, since you may not remember, this mosaic, disassembled over time”

“moving around between humour and confession, but also making a gradual entry into a silent culture, maybe.. why not… those days so used to trying, so used to imitating, can this be all there is to it? what had taken place in the grooved mania was anything but, then at other times any pillow any familiar vacancy shaken to emptiness

then a paradox: talk is blind”

“leaving the street, stopping, looking at sky, sitting, smoking, stroking hair, inventing sighs, ah this upright life”

“such moments take practice”

Monday, December 24, 2007

one P each

putting in a crouch
where appearances cross
back, forth, float, s
it was quite natural
to step over steps to narrowness where over is over used

she was convinced the careless were apt to be just the opposite, got-together by surprise, making up dates for days unwritten, as some kind of need that lines paper and limits eople to one P each

who peeks, runs

around does go around

“just the same”, [deafening pause]
“just the same”

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

… pay lip service to

vowels, the unscaffolded aeiou
lambasting their own clique for
queueing to be certified in Hawaiian: hooiaioia
these record-holders of the consecutive
hop me to the lipogramarians –

feeling a bit constrained I muse on the sometimes absent y
the sigh-born awareness of incomprehension

“Did she say incomprehension?”
“Sorry, can you ask me the question again, I’m not sure I understand.”

Monday, December 17, 2007

… yawn -

a stream of vapour lessons
somersaulting to navel
in a stunt, a veritable feat,
of knack over knack over knack

[somewhere she said: “exhausted by sigh, incomprehensible in translation.”]


pay lip service to…

Thursday, December 13, 2007

… does silence mature

into something visible across the grain?
with a table leg each, they smothered taking a stand

(waiting to steadily set off to live a craft)

(to craft a life, to set off, to steadily set off to craft a life, a life set off steadily, craft off set steadily to live)

leading stifle [1387, "to choke, suffocate, drown," of uncertain origin,] astray
yawn <

Friday, December 07, 2007

… a widely unknown

table, high up (but distinctly not “high table”)
where, as I mentioned, our foursome gather -
they have two routes to go by, (splitting their sides
with shrill humour)

ha ha – by either, or?

or either and or?

evidently some moonlighting takes place
(in the inaccurate notebooks I found this: “things can be achieved in darkness” – it surprised me, being as it was before the table)

(fanatic representation = i plus i minus you)

So back to the exits:

“The opposite of an abbreviation is two going where one cannot.
In its longer form does silence mature?”

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

… a table for consolation

conversation consoled the elevated nuances of scribble
raising talk to the loft of nonsense

outwardly aimless space is not lost
on one hand
futile behind phoney fingers
tinged with cheat

the gaps between smooth [[[[]]]] flat [[[[]]]] support
widely unknown

Sunday, December 02, 2007

… on the receiving end

scribbling “rcsao lowber dammd a pialn
behind a hand, you complement the travellers who accompany
your delay
, tolerant (not really)
, postponable (always)
, persevering (reallways)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

… as yet unfounded

the ground itself is less proven than we think, at a time when we walk two steps further than is necessary to reach the high plateau, to be confronted with a table for consolation, around which, from the beginning, there were four of us

one is on the receiving end, whose natural response, for the time being, is to conceal abilities;

the second, tirelessly perseveres in the name of movement

the third, makes equal by weighing all possibilities

and finally the fourth, when liberated from obligations, quietly follows all inclinations