Sunday, February 24, 2008

on account

the plotless plot thickens all by itself in unobservable forgetfulness: come by when you have a spare moment and we’ll piece together from the grounds of intrigue something that more or less resembles a flashback

I could say more of less without recourse to the connoisseur

surely I can recognise something of worth in something of worth

and yet, to be smitten nowadays, is unheard of, but regardless of a word I continue to be enamoured with concealed memories, set in their ways long before cutting off crusts became popular

this leavened way of loving is hardly ideal as a means of lifting above street level

ah but you can breath easy in the unpromised lands of ‘I will’ where all power ranks alongside the positives and it’s hard to maintain ‘being’ the way expectation lauds – even to wallow in neutrality gives all worries a backhander for their troubles, their trembles, as if being in the wrong place at the wrong time were possible

didn’t you hear alarm bells ringing they say, when there is never any sign of anything hollow to begin with

‘For Whom…’ was I silently being summoned to account?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

room for one

“from the irresistible moment let’s run a thumb along the spine of overpowering

then by increments of vanquish
undaunted by might

a feat of wakefulness outshines any vertebral

backless illumination takes it sitting down, where room for one
converts the tripod

to an adjustment in three easy steps:


“and still you forfeit all reminders and open the shutters onto a developing moment… it’s too soon to tell the difference between fine and fair weather

at any time you could step aside again and be overtaken by dusk, speeding ahead of plural”

Friday, February 15, 2008

the pin of nacle

“coming so soon after ‘again’, adding spice to your already monsoon ridden biography: the hello season

then again, as ‘then again’ only can, you attempt to balance on the pin of nacle, the one turret to topple all greetings

where steady breakdown elicits a modern answer to a rekindled inquiry: you wonder, he wonders, we wonder

do you estimate roughly?

while on course for charted routes, perhaps you will slip the noose or more usefully slink past any ropey looking substances

with flawed exactitude a flake of painstaking leaves something to be desired

and you ask of the view from here that it tips off standing water on how to avert stagnation"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

just a tad

“and there you swing on a platitude to end all platitudes, still declaring undying anecdotes the height of hazard

forsworn to tell all, given half a chance or less”

“and purely out of interest, when I say ‘you’ do you know who I mean? or are you still on the rebound from your own anniversary, galloping towards such a date can only mean disaster for any day of the week

being low on initiative plagued the sweetener, whose incentive, whilst being inane, fooled the best of them, until even the oo’s rebelled against their use in such an escapade

time would catch up, no doubt, with the hardy who could neither digitalise their thoughts nor happily slip the word ‘urbane’ into conversation

it takes but a short walk from paradise to put bliss back on the agenda, governed as we are by haunted approximations of felicity

getting high on grace sustained those in the wilderness maybe, as if whilst waiting for the time to come, the time came and went undisturbed

that was no matter to the dealers and wheelers of the uncanny, promising to send forth stocks of agreeableness due to prior warnings from dubious sources

and yet they were found to be pleasant, a touch on the suave-side perhaps, even a little winsome in low light

walking just a tad too tall for the likes of them”

Saturday, February 09, 2008

hit the skids

“on bail from the book to end all reading,
it could be so, that the floodgates open to knock-ons that croon a
so unpopular
its hum no longer covers embarrassment”

“my lips are sealed say the waxing fates, determined against all odds, all ends, to head for the bottom of infinity”

“and then along you come, trundling past definitions on your way to skid row, where conditions sought to frequent you”

“from beyond catnap, during the time of lightly, chances were taken, ships sunk and strictures backfired, driven out of place on behalf of wit, a resource keen to disinterest proof”

“at least there might one day be a comeback out of all proportion with return,
amongst the cinders of alphabet, final characters predict dismissal, wearing their pink slips well”

Monday, February 04, 2008

Intercapillary Space

I would like to thank Michael Peverett for inviting me to contribute to Intercapillary Space, follow this link to read a series of poems adapted from this blog.

the once-over

“at the outfitters you ripen into a couple of days ago and if that step back were possible now, these words would not be these or these, but ideas with a history in action”

“a shadow of your former self may be more real than previously imagined, call it luck, perhaps, a gamble you didn’t know you were taking

not some holy walk in the park on weekend-locked Sundays

but more along the lines of an unknown tantrum in power-struggleland, that outpost of stumble”

“underpinned by the telling and the many already told, once upon a time there was nothing left to upon upon

still you cling to once
and for all your ease away from scenario, there is no resounding end”

Saturday, February 02, 2008


“when your fill overflows with liberal concern, like a sieve you daydream of less strain"

“with slight emphasis you deduce all it takes to lead down indirect yarns, spinning as you go, collapsing all intolerance in a fold away kitbag that in fact holds less than ‘every single’ but you try not to dwell on unfeasibility

it was possible, yes yes it was, but… and the forever profitable ‘but’ summed up, as always, your exclusion

when in reality it was just a voice with no will of its own, just a pedalling of wares along a production line you didn’t fuel

if it was possible to say yes at the right time only, and I mean only, you can’t imagine what a difference that would make, to the summing and up but also to the emphasis, always the emphasis: the highlighting of, the brightest part of”

“by hollowing out a stretched condition, high wires risk their humble streak for a well intentioned aerialist

from the mounting sidelines, a plea, of sorts,
separates you from your

in this dominant coming of age”