Friday, July 23, 2010


squirm at the figure-head knotted into switchback

going after that pot-bellied theory caused

snarl-ups in the labyrinth

sent a tornado of static through categorisation

during the tidy-up you took the eth or the the out of methodology

so much for heating the riddle past its ration

pressurising the back burner for something in the way of a

decisive lurch

that said

if skirting around coherence settles on your giddy aptitude

so be it

it’s the least that least does in the abrupt butting of heads

(from here all of you look like you could do with another version of reality to test your dream against)


stay starry-eyed 'til the last expectation

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


into the element which cannot s(t)ay
unfixed (de)void
attains exit status
from a speech supposed to constitute
twofold twofolds

proclaims in-dividual in dual
with it connecting them
stage still, stage species
essence uncertain
wholly reunited

seep, sap, clear deflection
strictly chatter speaking
no science of whether
this distinction belongs solely
begins side by sized

just as in previous experiments
offer traces offer their very nature
in other words

Friday, February 26, 2010

all is s

in i.e. time in itself

developed itself of step, a remain, however.

aspects both, eliminated the always phase

its develop and
its unfold

full to a back, leading content, all is s

understand must, as to necessary as to variety, its all in.

being natural of distinction, elaborate the

its in this

everyone of affair becomes where, becomes shall be, its

own element

something with other, what knows which

the substantial out - carried imperfectly,

the to leads on

separate still, not is soundless
yet not does shape the speech of differences

and thought of forms – the effort to give up gained

your oblivion with full born offensive
this was sometimes finding the like for fret
to move in eyes and see an early age taken from you, you
never could believe such-and-such

pressing its entire day of damage
understand my task to repair an intensely pleasing contrast

elsewhere, fate experienced cultural climbing
a keen time of day, sparsely mentioned in your afternoon

nothing meant in a call like this,

your irregular thoughts think your background
perfectly using my conversation to reflect
and hear the world’s distraction

interesting yourself to cancel the wire and were of someone else
transfixed until you distinguish ‘who makes it’ from everyday absorption

future to devote

a to us

us as furthermore

escape taking

as chooses which/possible could put its case/it haunts which/a for itself upon back turning/even and does it/rejected and chosen by possibles/hiding by blindly being

to we are what

itself from distance

a at always – be to but, coincides to but itself

recover to not, then choose

silence and out cry
some intended vulnerability
upon course
custom-made penetrating
so it was
matter of side

non-stop-once neglected
we are mine


pouring the formalities
into the visible stant

from unchanageable to
endless ex-world

main ramble
a – ticism or 2 later

a mapped tempt
speaks (d)windles

when spoken of voy
not in this light at least

in this liketime
secretly scrutinizing

so we grow up

falling apart
answers dependent

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

realistically singled out

to crowd together swapping tints at a time when attempting the impossible looms in general knowledge printed on the nib of abandon - circumstantial evidence frenzy – when differing acts hold master keys to exacting small hours

appealing to a turn for the worse announces a certain jargon scaffolding this expression

plays light with cross references of focus and wrapping up of flair, it is too much to ask for the temple of this life to stoop even when appearances determine otherwise, it is another discourse altogether that opts for this sort of distortion, but we all know this pattern is smoothly run over us in different directions regardless of this focus,

any amount of time reduces allowances and transfers costs, this very routine doesn’t work because there is no stretch of the imagination long enough to encompass all its features, and we miss the point coming close to a theme of sense, that all truths are representative of further investigation, purely because attention repays, at least that is how we comprehend it and this is not always how we average it out, that is to say how we precisely distance ourselves from any real understanding as a method of factual diversification

but then that is not to say we are all forfeiting our attention span to the services of distraction, but it could be said, that half of all developments in time are numberless realms that transfer awareness to another deliberation of nature, our natures, that we have not yet come to terms with

in any case, first is the problem of mass misunderstanding and this comes as no surprise, what may come as a surprise is the suspense which all factions rely on,

then as now the given substitute for all this focus, is more likely to be a replacement

in the closed forecast any late developments touch this avenue more realistically

if there is a way to live that spirals the bed of roses all the way to playing havoc with phrases, articulation, and the turning of a sentence until it loses its footing, no staking claims to sky-high rituals or dying (died) for information

always single out the backdoor

Thursday, October 08, 2009

there’s a seasonal quality to converting the old, flourishing in thin air, an idea to pull the stings of comprehension, an understanding that even at the best of times seems soluble, returning with almost laughably bated-breath to this brazen-faced point that never quite shrugs off portions of its heritage

it all becomes so natural that a shapeless pipedream may hold potential – when in other lights it might be thought better of

some parts of the cycle sink the faint-hearted, strings snap and even those weaned on pot luck falter

Saturday, September 26, 2009


today’s disembodiment exposes the unquenchable balm of habit, taking on the chin a divided arrangement of exhilaration

Friday, September 25, 2009


today alleviates all ceremony, the sublime immediacy of refusal becomes woven and crossed as safeguard to increase, any escalation of listening burns another hole in intuition

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


our shoddy tell-tale signs, reminiscent of so and so, really are at their clumsy best, we’d like to beat (the) silence but it doesn’t seem justified, we could launch into monopolizing the edgeways, there’s nothing like injecting some fitful fiddling into this standstill,

we wake to collect dust on the outskirts of unprecedented and unpalatable invasions that counteract the ruins of stress and walk a life deprived of uproar with a patchiness to speak of, that interrupts and erases the drone of buttonholing

our textual hand to hand divided, striking the surface and bringing to rest a jumpy sun, we shaped the rhetoric, something more than making it up, to run as water, a regular occurrence most remote, night-pressed

lines were marked with the results of optimism a thoroughly arbitrary value lending sense significance, image sensation keeps soundlessly up-to-date, to go on empty long before the radar finds us

the outside may look somewhat demolished, which could shorten our forgetfulness, but without winding up surrounding figures boiled down yet mysteriously kept fast, our gradually made up fate, day after day, makes the wrong kind of arrival and you believe them and only at this stage does intention dent the scales

we headed for the extreme north, beyond the north wind

beyond throwaway discourse, not learned either, but removed from attack, cleansed, scarcely stated

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

no room for the facts

packing the moment with mere words, we set out to see at a glance all underlying threads, the touch and go of the half-way house, no home truths can find us there

our survivability is a labour of love, a rescue beautified beyond scruples,

we can’t tamper with the straw in the wind or dip into an unknown mincing of words, that backlog will summarise itself and steal the show, no doubt

if we can tear ourselves away from the watchdog and crack down on everyone for themselves in this ‘just kidding’ trumped-up token of symbolization, let us split your linguistic bellow in exchange for 2 parts chewing the fat, 1 part tongue-tied compendium

so your stainless sackcloth abuses its own comeuppance, for a daylight rehearsal of all the soundproofed dramas, this dresses-up manky veneers a treat

let’s say we were to complain of intimations beyond recall, our sham phobia, what good would getting away with it do?

I’ll tell you, from now on casting represents rather than sports unstintingly solitary quests, passing ourselves off as cantankerous we banter about double vision and lower our sights for the quantum leap – owing to pangs of innocence this restoration cannot continue – so there you have it, bring out your golden rule, slap it in this hemisphere and pocket the pushover

if it’s all the same to you, we’ll mar our own hype without much difficulty – “hardy misfits destroy hopes of anecdote”

in the era of outlandish felt-tipped futures devoted to dividing the line – the argument goes – yes … no... yes… no… without room to breathe

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

bearing the stamp of conclusion

we hung back from dismantling promises, extensive and loose fitting as we imagined them, our share in this upstart was wholesome, irresistible,

through gained ground we downed our thoughtlessness and split hairs till dusk

sleeping end to end with echoes, asking for cheap tricks to linger and disturb our aspirations when the last depths stole our beginning, something we hadn’t accounted for – no explanation just an atmosphere of pre-existent story

continually dragging this resting place behind us involved more than our hidden collaboration allowed

we happened to hold ground in that moment and lay another fluttering, feral movement on the line

too late for the same story over again

choking on decades, how can the living, in the ordinary sense of the word, remain unstirred?

such a heavy load lifts fingers – to the forehead of all faces

from behind the foolscap, elaborating prized notions of full stop parallels and topsy-turvy diagrams, it was all a little too much for the laced up lexicon,

(around this time you delivered some ultimatums - wasn’t it usual to say either/or?

call it being realistic, as you did, but occasions don’t always celebrate this belief in repetition

everything swung from limits, take it from me it was long, long ago that priorities set themselves against the backdrop of lives

it’s troubling, I know, to step aside time and time again, with no pre-conceived idea of who commemorates all this)

a profuse unfolding did not challenge this letting off the hook

the half-light that stops at nothing is ineffective at sensitising the long suffering to be at ease with elbow room

from a smattering of first thoughts, so much irrelevancy just realised, all peripheral to the model (that shining example) so easily unidentified

with an unflinching aptitude for whimsy, embracing the remedy for a to z, we can overstretch the essentials, leaving out spare steps, making splash redundant

what is foremost in the mind is emphasis, hard on the heels of triviality,

to have a roof over this minefield is as much as can be expected, your safekeeping half-cocked, some crude manoeuvre implemented, overused

we lent out nightcaps on the off chance

and what of the vertical? that dinosaur of early-risers

every now and then successive everymen refine a one-off

and our grins were out of this world, full of unbroken psychological handshakes and aloof backers, good company kept alive

Friday, April 24, 2009

further attempts to remain undetected

beware when they come from the same substance, the generation’s simultaneous statues,

carried along by unsightly things, somewhere all would be salvageable

we could presume this unavoidable, push a button for a new background, and affect the interested who perch around us, in their strangeness, schemes behold ribbons of understanding in the half serious that comes as it is wanted and the high minded, just more fog

and the secrecy that dismays, the scripts that change great distances, the warming trend, on and on, for all the blunders and considerable embarrassment

any attempts to come alive in the old days, when we were colliding and colluding with this kind of alarm – what shall be told of living backwards, of obstacles that un-did-and-un-do, enabling no more than a slipping and a talking and an illegible photograph, singular evidence that history started naming this dream

the success of our noncommittal promises, introducing the cancelled out and looking forward to budding see-through attractions, the special given moment, the additional line - that span of days and the reminder that nothing done is a prompt and where mockery here, in the rest of the world is painted as a clearing of our names

it was because in the sphere of the solemn and miraculous such boundless happiness could offer no scuffle and disquiet, we were compelled to continue the rest of the short distance which completely changes in grammar and takes place over an unshuffled working out of a final consideration

able to capture what has been swallowed in the story which does away with the arrow of last chances and points to an endless maturity

for a long time we cannot be wrong, proud, yes, but certain vital strands recognize the washed and brushed, the entrusted expert who hands over, leans over serenity, neglecting sentences more precise for the ones that finally incarnate into a hesitating beat, moulded somewhere along the lines to assemble an awkward call taking charge of matter

at the last well trained stand we continue to attain full control of the miniature, the thing that barely stirs, but seeps and settles, spread out along the wave that passes for substance

nevertheless attempting a brief mix of movements, countless sounds which suspended existing conditions, confident that we could reassure in just a second, or right away, by writing down all the ‘don’t matters’ then drawing back to admire our handiwork –

there is nothing to waiting a little longer, continuing to postpone comprehension, not resisting the crawled performance tied to a degree of magnificence, all on the spot reminiscences collected within a prolonged paragraph, the twitchings of Neanderthal poking fun at our satisfactions, every touch, every progression a circulation of close proximity, too severely fabricated to make more of the same,

well aware of this chatter of filaments all too often relegated to the diving board of our imagination

we don’t mind staying put as day dreams, this threshold miraculously supplanting all fantasies promoting the mind to infiltrate the undetected, to come full swing on ourselves

Friday, April 03, 2009

extracts from tomorrow

a fine mist… fading at the mouth ahead of a mirror that holds our residue, we lean over, there we witness our multiplicity, lost in the turn of following deep down, down in search of earth to pile around our words and all of a sudden send up the appearance of nowadays

we perceive little else apparently, little else that others between us show signs of, they possibly appear everywhere, but we distrust their might and upset their looking for

and perhaps they don’t exist these stifled elementary images… pointing for so long at the same spot, at times we lose sight of its presence and doubt altogether the world, nothing that we know is untouched by living the unnoticeable

in pinching ourselves, our ears wake up to the sound of drawbacks circulating,

the voice of tearing clothing and the shame of burnt foreheads, as we contort into daze and feel progress galvanise within our breath, this hazardous perfection again apprehended our pleas, but didn’t shrivel up their collars, turn there sleeves into their jackets or button down their quick intonations

gripped with confidence, the same on each face, it would be just like them to press tighter as we push away, the ones who crowd behind us, the ones who pull…

still there is no risk to be run if they know well in advance who to grant examples to and who to permit pains their full bursting

as fear cracks the finish on perfectionism, don’t try to use our arms as stays, any gestures slump in line with what seems to be giving way, gently we forget to turn around, lower our eyes and pass among them with everything emanating the impression of heads thrown back, quite proudly we observe the turns away, the turns inward…

standing near again, we take our allotted point among the surer of the frightened ones, they lay down, their feet climbing the walls, shaking to the bones with each command to leap into life, still they lay, their thin cracking voices restoring hoops for the future

silence is re-established, we lost ourselves for a moment, no distinction between every detail and the ways of imitating

it is to be suspected that towards the heights of dismay come crushed looks and uptight airs, these liberties we take with the leads we follow, scamper away as soon as thoughts look us in the eye and matter of factly think us through

purpose done, images at rest, but we know the grammar of exasperation, taking a big forgotten example and brandishing it alive or dead

what is it you have in mind? the lengths we remember are just a clatter of artless sounds, dull as the gaze of air

could it be that we have hardly broken the double, when standing a good distance away a confused hum crowds out possibilities

extracted from meandering we bear ourselves, open up to the surge that stills and returns in rhythm, breaking silence into particles,

outlined by threads that remain at the end, as they remained at the beginning, drawing on the eye as they pass, the head nods, the body stiffens,

the path carved out is polished as a precaution, we can not only feel our way, but stubbornly pursue our way sometimes, without care for tearing ourselves apart

in mesmeric consideration of intermediaries who lean over the full face of themselves and show to the impressed how final and pivotal are the slowly perched remains of who is ready to see all, however it seems to us, turned always with one eye, as if respect enforced distance and kept us at the wayside, loose and getting away with the wanted

spread too thin, these fragments concentrate where they will, broken down even further if that is possible, no rigid sentences, but exploded identities, peopled still, but coming to the will of everyone, freely accepting just about any difficulty to gather the days into form and replace the barely perceptible trembling, each shy glance makes

Sunday, December 14, 2008

padding out the lopside

in narrowing the search you centred your departure on incoming tracks, it’s the getaway of the wanderer that streams through the open door as it closes, striking off another aspiration – displacing the clean sweep, making even ‘here’ seem precarious, where all is possible in imagination’s intoxication ever upwards

escaping from notice you forfeit belonging for preparations to gatecrash your own introversion, a backwater that flirts with aversion in the form of virtue

invalidating or maybe not, maybe padding out the incompatible to make the most of it’s lopsidedness – if only you had been ahead of your time –

but this drip drip involvement scissors you out of contention, unpicking each step of the way was never a foregone conclusion

and the bane of danger has no last resort, no pedestrian salvation, more a game of pitfall, a recurring banana skin of warning, your own custodian of riddance, good or otherwise

making ready a bewildering self-contract in the style of knack rather than common practise at odds with certainty or simply at odds

thinking you saw the stark contrasts, but not being sure what you were masquerading as

breaking away from ignored obligations you enjoy immunity from high regard – boycotting a gathering of words that represent and rail against your beguilers and detractors uniformly

under your own influence, staggering on these very words you receive unaccommodating clarification to steer those long suffering charges, representatives of infringements, into the shambles where there is no outlet just assessment worship

Sunday, November 30, 2008

breaking down the future

a backslide from go-getting, when all looking-forward deserted you, no ladder encroached on your promises

it was one moment after another that proved your enterprise, a spurt of lost ground invigorated your only cause, and from there, where the bright days echo the beeline, cancel all repercussions in the elasticity you call your bearings

one more swipe at the flying start, all in the name of posthaste, disqualifies seriousness before it’s time

and yet you perk up when they bring tears to your eyes

all just another way to show the top layer delusions that there truly is nothing like feeling your way

of course the time of dividing two chairs a pole apart passed without ejecting you from habit

any advance action would again have only amplified expected obstacles

bring on the blanket coverage and restore eleventh hour recoil

Monday, November 03, 2008

putting skates on safety

or call it reducing the padding that alerts a new word to loose knitting,

nobody’s sensitivity abandons characteristics of the approaching grain gone against, settling in with great magnitude, to the satisfaction of all receptions that bring together vaporisation

to produce, in advance, a motion out of unshakable sounds

neither defeated nor abandoned, remember the passage through never desecrates the flame,

but serves the times in a classic obliteration of endeavour, not what would be expected from the unwritten weeding out of the band wagon, the fly on the wall duly written off

for the guesswork in this blinking, squinting buoyancy, opens to the span of strokes transferred for independence,

enjoy the quest in old age when the focal point takes a place in immortality a metre long, with the air of an indisposed hum, spelling periodic, rhythmical substitution

the stereotypical event sets afloat equilibrium as if constancy were a false backlash in the supercharged resolve that converts all cures into fashion accessories timed to explode at maturity, so the thrashing out spreads like wildfire contrary to all foam-filled imaginings

from this perspective any detailed dramatisation, hell-bent on pressing the brook for attention whilst mooning around in reality, adapts

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the plight of this concoction

depending on this shakey sign, this stepping-in to appease the tumble in motion is the sweet smell of compulsion acquainting itself with another priority

is there an afterwards to put into effect or can we originate from impassivity

she struck a cord, shifting the background, a craze for exclamation, a treat left just a little too late, which nevertheless throws light on an aptitude for silence

in allotting reception its place in the omission, we lose a chance to leave our careworn utterances behind

living with the evidence or racing to the source of split milk is hardly the point, it’s a matter of kneading, pressing the rent out of shape to salute this brain-teaser of a second chance, knowing only too well it is nothing of the sort

but participating anyway, we are a long way from the kleptomaniac’s ideal you could say

embodied in a knotty plan the trackless deep is distilled, the precious stake in escalation

as we thin out our interest in concoctions that once lay in a bend in the worldwide halting, just shy of arranging unprecedented ladders up to the junction, an ad hoc junction at that, unparalleled or anticipated

at that moment of relief she takes care while trembling in the balance of that outstretched arm waiting to catch the pin if it drops

compliance, at a time like this, misrepresents progress and bursts the seams in high places

the plight…

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

spot-on or dead right, take your pick

a sobering thought or an amusement arcade of riddles drowning in magnificent detail

an assurance flapping with madcap application

take away fluctuation and quote the gods all the way to touch and go

on all sides a head-on asymmetry, corrugated and cutting, ripples into dynamic pieces

wending this way, taking soundings or spooning ethereal spill into absence

we thought about drawing attention to invisible returns, like a pair of smarty-panters pronouncing a cherished best-selling difference

with no inclination for winning over, with no listeners to contradict or incite, we were layered with distinctions, a chapter and verse to all appearances

carried away by a landslide of farce that wallops motivation and demonstrates against enclosure, the still note of unpromising possession culminating in a discrimination against effort that periodically exposes the hypocrite

a mania for fly-away chance - protect this hackneyed stream -

dip back into the pit, as now and then its studies us to see the state of our history, a place of entertainment, accomplished by burning all the traps

and still we show up, setting another stage with masks, making off with the elbow grease, wearing away caution, if ever there was such a thing

and yet we cannot be dissuaded or caught napping – if we had been prepared, but not for everything, not for the whole illusion, but for those palmy days, a golden age of only hours

then the bright shrink-wrapped fallacy could have discriminated between assuming spot-on ambiguity

(our favourite imprecision is dead right)

and making little, or nothing, of catching the eye of a closing door, speaking of immersion as if it were a misquote and then the real story runs parallel to the catchphrase that rambles on and on and on

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a roundtrip: era, lingo

we would not be rewarded for following however unbroken the line, we raked in our traces, mustering attributes of migration

calculating our division or a handful of flight, a time bomb waiting in anticipation of era

original timelines seldom remain as a roundtrip, irreversibly intrinsic, fixed to the core of going next

and the pages turned themselves, being off the scent of intelligence there was a crankiness to memorising conclusion, this visit can plainly illuminate hidden fires, a nudge and a wink lie in wait, a long distance introduction reforms the shape of the ride, chalking up aerial lingo or just putting the words together

Monday, September 22, 2008

spanning the unwritten pipeline

we overstepped each other, in the osmosis that is cooperative wandering, this phrase “a passage to” like a speed bump in my thinking, this was the way we never quite got there, a delivery straddling incredible distances,

we knew our way to most topics, taking into account slants of ponder and pungent tones

there was an urgency to our steps that gave gravity a gestation period, allowing hops and skips to hitchhike on air, this way we were able to ward off redundant burden, balancing one world against another

more than just together, we were onlookers using a magnifying glass as prehistoric tool,

on the rung of this world, far and away the most fictitious u-turn leads to a trophy for disobedience

always a private transfer in suspense, let’s assume, for surprise’s sake, that writing is only one way to queue up, let’s assume we can hang around and face the prospect of disrespect as if it were an honour

tut-tut, I hear you say (did you hear that too?), from the wrong side of insight

but we have let ourselves out of the back door, onto the freeway of unwritten corners, it’s simple, but there again we didn’t expect to be written here, we had other ideas

= = =

pipe down, let chance say no (to the still open) to the green light

both borderline cases of hidden depths

we will ad-lib our swan-song when the time comes, for now our entourage cuts both ways

= = =

we would like to make an enquiry, a close enquiry, we have a leading question, somewhere, there is a naivete to needing to find things, it’s testament to ‘on the’ ‘off chance’ that the relevant fantasy fits all

being in the know, as they say, that’s all very well if meticulous gumption is what you are after, we…, we are clear headed, no padded cells in these minds, just a foretaste of bunkum x blether that passes for limpidity, a caricature of informed circles, a blinding flash to a postage stamp, never forgetting how jiggery-pokery is an assumed watchword for carbon copy slogans

= = =

it must be 3amish, 3.10 to be precise, does that get you frothing at the mouth for 3.15? when this missive will be a little longer, a veritable couplet in disguise, inclined, just a smidgeon, to stopping at nothing, to overthrowing all traditional aids, to standing apart, ill-equipped and nursing insulation, or more likely mothballed in endeavour

Thursday, September 18, 2008

gritty captions written between a and b

hugging the clean sheet, agreeing to agree to this fruitful laying down of four corners, acres rupture the seal of refined regrets

the breadth of exaggeration overdoes our deficiencies, it’s not enough to want to divulge, when under our noses snoops our likeness, fresh from ethics, we are agog with vigilance, checking up on reverie as a precaution to loose ends

it’s a question of likening a to b

keep in mind the hit and miss resolution that digs in,

we went further than patting our backs, further than rubbing our hands, it was a prank we played on existence

in the face of nitty-gritty, nothing was rife

we diagnosed ourselves with many complaints, we had:

frame of mind
state of health
walk of life
kilter and fettle

but we decided to press on, those things having nothing to do with our captions, we eked out a direction, re-drawing boundaries between the bait