Friday, April 24, 2009

further attempts to remain undetected

beware when they come from the same substance, the generation’s simultaneous statues,

carried along by unsightly things, somewhere all would be salvageable

we could presume this unavoidable, push a button for a new background, and affect the interested who perch around us, in their strangeness, schemes behold ribbons of understanding in the half serious that comes as it is wanted and the high minded, just more fog

and the secrecy that dismays, the scripts that change great distances, the warming trend, on and on, for all the blunders and considerable embarrassment

any attempts to come alive in the old days, when we were colliding and colluding with this kind of alarm – what shall be told of living backwards, of obstacles that un-did-and-un-do, enabling no more than a slipping and a talking and an illegible photograph, singular evidence that history started naming this dream

the success of our noncommittal promises, introducing the cancelled out and looking forward to budding see-through attractions, the special given moment, the additional line - that span of days and the reminder that nothing done is a prompt and where mockery here, in the rest of the world is painted as a clearing of our names

it was because in the sphere of the solemn and miraculous such boundless happiness could offer no scuffle and disquiet, we were compelled to continue the rest of the short distance which completely changes in grammar and takes place over an unshuffled working out of a final consideration

able to capture what has been swallowed in the story which does away with the arrow of last chances and points to an endless maturity

for a long time we cannot be wrong, proud, yes, but certain vital strands recognize the washed and brushed, the entrusted expert who hands over, leans over serenity, neglecting sentences more precise for the ones that finally incarnate into a hesitating beat, moulded somewhere along the lines to assemble an awkward call taking charge of matter

at the last well trained stand we continue to attain full control of the miniature, the thing that barely stirs, but seeps and settles, spread out along the wave that passes for substance

nevertheless attempting a brief mix of movements, countless sounds which suspended existing conditions, confident that we could reassure in just a second, or right away, by writing down all the ‘don’t matters’ then drawing back to admire our handiwork –

there is nothing to waiting a little longer, continuing to postpone comprehension, not resisting the crawled performance tied to a degree of magnificence, all on the spot reminiscences collected within a prolonged paragraph, the twitchings of Neanderthal poking fun at our satisfactions, every touch, every progression a circulation of close proximity, too severely fabricated to make more of the same,

well aware of this chatter of filaments all too often relegated to the diving board of our imagination

we don’t mind staying put as day dreams, this threshold miraculously supplanting all fantasies promoting the mind to infiltrate the undetected, to come full swing on ourselves

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