Sunday, November 30, 2008

breaking down the future

a backslide from go-getting, when all looking-forward deserted you, no ladder encroached on your promises

it was one moment after another that proved your enterprise, a spurt of lost ground invigorated your only cause, and from there, where the bright days echo the beeline, cancel all repercussions in the elasticity you call your bearings

one more swipe at the flying start, all in the name of posthaste, disqualifies seriousness before it’s time

and yet you perk up when they bring tears to your eyes

all just another way to show the top layer delusions that there truly is nothing like feeling your way

of course the time of dividing two chairs a pole apart passed without ejecting you from habit

any advance action would again have only amplified expected obstacles

bring on the blanket coverage and restore eleventh hour recoil

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