Sunday, December 14, 2008

padding out the lopside

in narrowing the search you centred your departure on incoming tracks, it’s the getaway of the wanderer that streams through the open door as it closes, striking off another aspiration – displacing the clean sweep, making even ‘here’ seem precarious, where all is possible in imagination’s intoxication ever upwards

escaping from notice you forfeit belonging for preparations to gatecrash your own introversion, a backwater that flirts with aversion in the form of virtue

invalidating or maybe not, maybe padding out the incompatible to make the most of it’s lopsidedness – if only you had been ahead of your time –

but this drip drip involvement scissors you out of contention, unpicking each step of the way was never a foregone conclusion

and the bane of danger has no last resort, no pedestrian salvation, more a game of pitfall, a recurring banana skin of warning, your own custodian of riddance, good or otherwise

making ready a bewildering self-contract in the style of knack rather than common practise at odds with certainty or simply at odds

thinking you saw the stark contrasts, but not being sure what you were masquerading as

breaking away from ignored obligations you enjoy immunity from high regard – boycotting a gathering of words that represent and rail against your beguilers and detractors uniformly

under your own influence, staggering on these very words you receive unaccommodating clarification to steer those long suffering charges, representatives of infringements, into the shambles where there is no outlet just assessment worship

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