Monday, November 03, 2008

putting skates on safety

or call it reducing the padding that alerts a new word to loose knitting,

nobody’s sensitivity abandons characteristics of the approaching grain gone against, settling in with great magnitude, to the satisfaction of all receptions that bring together vaporisation

to produce, in advance, a motion out of unshakable sounds

neither defeated nor abandoned, remember the passage through never desecrates the flame,

but serves the times in a classic obliteration of endeavour, not what would be expected from the unwritten weeding out of the band wagon, the fly on the wall duly written off

for the guesswork in this blinking, squinting buoyancy, opens to the span of strokes transferred for independence,

enjoy the quest in old age when the focal point takes a place in immortality a metre long, with the air of an indisposed hum, spelling periodic, rhythmical substitution

the stereotypical event sets afloat equilibrium as if constancy were a false backlash in the supercharged resolve that converts all cures into fashion accessories timed to explode at maturity, so the thrashing out spreads like wildfire contrary to all foam-filled imaginings

from this perspective any detailed dramatisation, hell-bent on pressing the brook for attention whilst mooning around in reality, adapts

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