Thursday, September 18, 2008

gritty captions written between a and b

hugging the clean sheet, agreeing to agree to this fruitful laying down of four corners, acres rupture the seal of refined regrets

the breadth of exaggeration overdoes our deficiencies, it’s not enough to want to divulge, when under our noses snoops our likeness, fresh from ethics, we are agog with vigilance, checking up on reverie as a precaution to loose ends

it’s a question of likening a to b

keep in mind the hit and miss resolution that digs in,

we went further than patting our backs, further than rubbing our hands, it was a prank we played on existence

in the face of nitty-gritty, nothing was rife

we diagnosed ourselves with many complaints, we had:

frame of mind
state of health
walk of life
kilter and fettle

but we decided to press on, those things having nothing to do with our captions, we eked out a direction, re-drawing boundaries between the bait

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