Monday, September 22, 2008

spanning the unwritten pipeline

we overstepped each other, in the osmosis that is cooperative wandering, this phrase “a passage to” like a speed bump in my thinking, this was the way we never quite got there, a delivery straddling incredible distances,

we knew our way to most topics, taking into account slants of ponder and pungent tones

there was an urgency to our steps that gave gravity a gestation period, allowing hops and skips to hitchhike on air, this way we were able to ward off redundant burden, balancing one world against another

more than just together, we were onlookers using a magnifying glass as prehistoric tool,

on the rung of this world, far and away the most fictitious u-turn leads to a trophy for disobedience

always a private transfer in suspense, let’s assume, for surprise’s sake, that writing is only one way to queue up, let’s assume we can hang around and face the prospect of disrespect as if it were an honour

tut-tut, I hear you say (did you hear that too?), from the wrong side of insight

but we have let ourselves out of the back door, onto the freeway of unwritten corners, it’s simple, but there again we didn’t expect to be written here, we had other ideas

= = =

pipe down, let chance say no (to the still open) to the green light

both borderline cases of hidden depths

we will ad-lib our swan-song when the time comes, for now our entourage cuts both ways

= = =

we would like to make an enquiry, a close enquiry, we have a leading question, somewhere, there is a naivete to needing to find things, it’s testament to ‘on the’ ‘off chance’ that the relevant fantasy fits all

being in the know, as they say, that’s all very well if meticulous gumption is what you are after, we…, we are clear headed, no padded cells in these minds, just a foretaste of bunkum x blether that passes for limpidity, a caricature of informed circles, a blinding flash to a postage stamp, never forgetting how jiggery-pokery is an assumed watchword for carbon copy slogans

= = =

it must be 3amish, 3.10 to be precise, does that get you frothing at the mouth for 3.15? when this missive will be a little longer, a veritable couplet in disguise, inclined, just a smidgeon, to stopping at nothing, to overthrowing all traditional aids, to standing apart, ill-equipped and nursing insulation, or more likely mothballed in endeavour

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