Friday, February 26, 2010

all is s

in i.e. time in itself

developed itself of step, a remain, however.

aspects both, eliminated the always phase

its develop and
its unfold

full to a back, leading content, all is s

understand must, as to necessary as to variety, its all in.

being natural of distinction, elaborate the

its in this

everyone of affair becomes where, becomes shall be, its

own element

something with other, what knows which

the substantial out - carried imperfectly,

the to leads on

separate still, not is soundless
yet not does shape the speech of differences

and thought of forms – the effort to give up gained

your oblivion with full born offensive
this was sometimes finding the like for fret
to move in eyes and see an early age taken from you, you
never could believe such-and-such

pressing its entire day of damage
understand my task to repair an intensely pleasing contrast

elsewhere, fate experienced cultural climbing
a keen time of day, sparsely mentioned in your afternoon

nothing meant in a call like this,

your irregular thoughts think your background
perfectly using my conversation to reflect
and hear the world’s distraction

interesting yourself to cancel the wire and were of someone else
transfixed until you distinguish ‘who makes it’ from everyday absorption

future to devote

a to us

us as furthermore

escape taking

as chooses which/possible could put its case/it haunts which/a for itself upon back turning/even and does it/rejected and chosen by possibles/hiding by blindly being

to we are what

itself from distance

a at always – be to but, coincides to but itself

recover to not, then choose

silence and out cry
some intended vulnerability
upon course
custom-made penetrating
so it was
matter of side

non-stop-once neglected
we are mine


pouring the formalities
into the visible stant

from unchanageable to
endless ex-world

main ramble
a – ticism or 2 later

a mapped tempt
speaks (d)windles

when spoken of voy
not in this light at least

in this liketime
secretly scrutinizing

so we grow up

falling apart
answers dependent

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