Friday, July 23, 2010


squirm at the figure-head knotted into switchback

going after that pot-bellied theory caused

snarl-ups in the labyrinth

sent a tornado of static through categorisation

during the tidy-up you took the eth or the the out of methodology

so much for heating the riddle past its ration

pressurising the back burner for something in the way of a

decisive lurch

that said

if skirting around coherence settles on your giddy aptitude

so be it

it’s the least that least does in the abrupt butting of heads

(from here all of you look like you could do with another version of reality to test your dream against)


stay starry-eyed 'til the last expectation


Gerry Boyd said...

this is really interesting in terms of its word usage. i dig its essential quirkiness.

Dust said...

Hey I like your poetry neat stuff :)